Transforming Telecom Carrier Invoice Data Into Business Intelligence

Every telecom carrier has their own unique description for standard services such as MPLS, IP access, private line, VPN service, etc. This makes it hard for TEMs and their enterprise customers to compare pricing, find savings and manage their network inventory.

InvoiceIQ’s proprietary Super-USOC™ service solves this problem and makes finding savings much easier. Super-USOC is a descriptive charge code that standardizes all carrier services and adds critical information to the service description to enable better management of network inventory.

With Super-USOC, InvoiceIQ ingests all carrier invoice data at the service level and adds data elements to each service item being billed:

  • Network Element
  • Technology
  • Quantity
  • Jurisdiction
  • Primary Service vs. Service Feature Indicator
Super-USOC™ Benefits

Super-USOC transforms raw invoice data from multiple carriers into usable data to drive cost reduction and better customer service. Here are examples of how InvoiceIQ customers are using Super-USOC:

  • Faster comparison of telecom carrier prices
  • Automated identification of new inventory items on invoices – auto-provisioning
  • Faster, more accurate auditing of invoices and overall telecom spend
  • Simplified contract attainment reporting leveraging supplemental lists
  • Better sourcing of telecom services


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