Turn-Key Invoice Management


Turn-Key Invoice Management


InvoiceIQ’s core solution for TEM’s, WEM’s and service providers is its turn-key translation, consolidation and management of telecom carrier invoices. We work behind the scenes to provide an indispensable back-office capability to TEM’s, WEM’s and service providers by converting their enterprise customers’ telecom invoices – which come in multiple formats such as PDF, EDI, CABS – into an easy-to-understand, easy-to-analyze consolidated format that immediately demonstrates a TEM’s value to their enterprise customers. We ensure all data is accurate and timely!

Real Value

Our turn-key telecom invoice management solution saves TEM’s, WEM’s and service providers time and money – and shortens the time it takes for TEM’s, WEM’s and service providers to demonstrate their value to their enterprise customers!

Business Intelligence

InvoiceIQ uses a proprietary software platform and extensive library of continually updated telecom invoice readers to transform telecom carrier invoices into actionable business data that TEM’s, WEM’s and service providers can analyze to find additional savings for their enterprise customers.

Customer ServiceBuilt in Checks for Data Accuracy and Completeness

Telecom Carriers make invoicing mistakes all the time. But InvoiceIQ makes sure that those mistakes don’t cost our TEM, WEM or service provider customers money or time. We have an expert team that works on their behalf to resolve issues quickly before they impact a TEM’s enterprise customer.

The InvoiceIQ Telecom Invoice Management Process


Step 1: Onboarding

During Onboarding, we work with our TEM customers to ensure that copies of all the telecom carrier invoices associated with the TEM’s enterprise customers are sent to InvoiceIQ for data translation and consolidation. During the Onboarding process, our TEM customer provides InvoiceIQ a list of the enterprise accounts and the associated telecom carriers for each enterprise account. The TEM also provides a standard Letter of Authorization (LOA) to InvoiceIQ for each enterprise telecom carrier account. The LOA is used by InvoiceIQ to notify the telecom carrier that InvoiceIQ should receive all invoices for the TEM’s enterprise customer going forward.

Step 2: Translation

During Translation, our team maps each incoming telecom carrier invoice to one of InvoiceIQ’s hundreds of automated invoice readers. InvoiceIQ has invoice readers that support all telecom carriers and that can convert data from EDI, web-based, paper, PDF, and other various electronic formats into a single standardized electronic data file format. Because we constantly update our readers to adjust to the changes telecom carriers make, InvoiceIQ can translate invoice data far faster than if a TEM, WEM or service provider tried to do this on their own.

Step 3: Verification

During Verification, InvoiceIQ’s proprietary software platform conducts a series of automated quality cross-checks of all UNI-Bill data to ensure it is complete and accurate. For example, the platform compares all summary telecom carrier invoice data with the call detail records to make sure there is a 100% match. InvoiceIQ also automatically verifies that all telecom invoices have been received. If data is missing or inaccurate, we do not generate a consolidated invoice. Instead, our expert customer service team works on behalf of our TEM customers to resolve the issue with the telecom carrier.

Step 4: Consolidation

During Consolidation, InvoiceIQ takes the translated data from the TEM’s enterprise customers’ multiple telecom carrier invoices and consolidates this invoice data into InvoiceIQ’s UNI-Bill format. UNI-Bill provides its data in a text-based record format specifically designed for easy integration with a TEMs own expense management platform. Our team works with our TEM, WEM and service provider customers to ensure this data an be seamlessly used by their expense analysis systems.


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