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for Wireless Expense Management

As wireless and mobile services become ubiquitous, a new category of expense management has arisen: wireless expense management services (WEMs) or mobility management services (MMS). These firms not only help find cost savings for enterprise customers, they also often offer a turnkey solution to enterprise customers by managing employee devices, their wireless service, and providing user support.

InvoiceIQ helps WEMs and MMS providers succeed. We work with many leading WEMs and MMS firms, providing wireless carrier invoice management, translation, consolidation, analysis and auditing solutions. We save them time and money, we ensure the consolidated invoices they provide to their enterprise customers are 100% accurate. And we give them accurate data they can analyze and benchmark to do their job even better.



Telecom Carrier Invoice Translation, Consolidation and Analysis – Painfree

UNI-Bill is InvoiceIQ’s easy-to-analyze text-based invoice format we provide to our customers. Behind the UNI-Bill format is InvoiceIQ’s proprietary invoice reader library and data translation, auditing and consolidation platform that make UNI-Bill an indispensable productivity enhancing solution for TEMs.

Easy integration with WEMs Management Platform

UNI-Bill provides its data in a text-based record format specifically designed for easy integration with a WEMs own expense management platform.

Supports EDI and Proprietary Carrier Invoice Formats

Why spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time developing invoice readers when InvoiceIQ UNI-Bill has done the work for you? UNI-Bill automatically converts proprietary and EDI data formats into an accurate, easy-to-understand, easy-to-analyze invoice. We’ve even developed interfaces with carrier web-portals to pull invoice data from online sources.

Built in Checks for Data Accuracy and Completeness

With UNI-Bill, WEMs never have to worry about providing incomplete or inaccurate invoice data to their customers. InvoiceIQ’s proprietary software platform automatically checks to that all the monthly carrier invoices associated with a WEMs enterprise customer are received. We reconcile all summary invoice data with the detailed line charges. If something is missing or wrong, the InvoiceIQ team works with the carrier to resolve the problem.



Transforming Telecom Carrier Invoice Data Into Business Intelligence

Every telecom carrier has their own unique description for standard services such as MPLS, IP access, private line, VPN service, etc. This makes it hard for TEMs and their enterprise customers to compare pricing, find savings and manage their network inventory.

InvoiceIQ’s proprietary Super-USOC™ service solves this problem and makes finding savings much easier. Super-USOC is a descriptive charge code that standardizes all carrier services and adds critical information to the service description to enable better management of network inventory.

With Super-USOC, InvoiceIQ ingests all carrier invoice data at the service level and adds data elements to each service item being billed:

  • Network Element
  • Technology
  • Quantity
  • Jurisdiction
  • Primary Service vs. Service Feature Indicator
Super-USOC™ Benefits

Super-USOC transforms raw invoice data from multiple carriers into usable data to drive cost reduction and better customer service. Here are examples of how Invoice IQ customers are using Super-USOC:

  • Faster comparison of telecom carrier prices
  • Automated identification of new inventory items on invoices – auto-provisioning
  • Faster, more accurate auditing of invoices and overall telecom spend
  • Simplified contract attainment reporting leveraging supplemental lists
  • Better sourcing of telecom services


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